We manage and deliver a range of business critical IT projects on behalf of our clients. This can include supporting a specific work stream, undertaking a migration to the cloud, developing new ITSM environments or supporting enterprise level project outcomes such as application testing or a complete server refresh.

Our core focus areas are:

  • Cloud - Architecture & Security
  • DevOps & Open Source Tools
  • Networks and Security
  • Transformation and Change projects
  • ITSM – ServiceNow
  • Flexible/Staff augmentation

With cross-European coverage, Inspire provides on-demand resources to ensure you and your business have the right skills, when needed, to augment your in-house teams.

All Inspire consultants are certified across a number of common enterprise methodologies and major technology vendors including Microsoft [Azure, System Centre, Server 2012], Oracle, VMware, VCE, Cisco, AWS, Citrix, DevOPS, SysOPS, App Dynamics and Jenkins.

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Our Services

  • Cloud

    Business survival today depends upon IT innovation. Technical advances mean that the Cloud promises to deliver ‘service anywhere’ – services at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. However, the impact of the Cloud on traditional IT environments can be complex and resource intensive.

    We understand this because our experience in managing and integrating private and public cloud environments, across multiple platforms, enables Inspire to play a vital role in your plans to deliver a Hybrid IT solution/Hybrid Cloud/Public Cloud.

    Inspire is Cloud agnostic and has the advantage of expertise across the following key providers:

    • AWS Managed Services
    • Azure Managed Services
    • Public Cloud

    Deploying, managing and securing production applications to successfully utilise the scale and reach of AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud platforms is not a simple task. It requires focus, planning and expertise in cloud strategy, application design, and on-going service delivery management. Inspire can work with you to provide end-to-end project delivery, or alternatively augment the existing team you have in place.

  • DevOps & Open Source Tools

    Inspire have been a keen supporter of the DevOps 'movement' for some years now as we saw the coming together of our Lunix Engineers and our Developers to form 'DevOps' Teams.

    We support the majority of the popular Open Source Tools used including; Chef, Puppet, Ansible, GitHUb, RabbitMQ, Tomcat, Docker, OpenStack, Mulesoft, Grails, MySQL, Jenkins, Redis, etc.

    As DevOps has become the in-fashion skill set, we have built an extensive network of experts available to help move your project forward.

  • Networks and Security


    In the past, datacentre and server consolidation along with virtualisation has been a key driver to reduce the cost of providing IT as a service. This trend has put a lot pressure on the WAN and datacentre LAN prompting a need to redesign networks for different workloads and priorities in the commercial environment.

    Inspire’s iproject practice has a technology agnostic approach to solving a wide range of issues for customers across LAN, WAN and WLAN using best practice solutions and validated designs from the industry to meet imperatives such as:

    • WAN virtualization
    • LAN simplification
    • Distributed/replicated/synchronised file systems
    • Application performance acceleration and predictability
    • Networks to support secure use of public, private and hybrid cloud services

    The rise of mobile applications, IP telephony, Cloud and Virtualisation has created exponential growth of network traffic and dramatically impacted the traditional design and typical operation of the modern datacentre. Inspire’s iproject practice is engaged with multiple Clients delivering improved datacentre operations and leverage a trusted team of Network Consultants providing a compressive skill set and technology knowledge base to help our clients gain operational benefits around reliability, cost and performance.

    These key data centre technology areas include:

    • Software Defined Technologies and the logical abstraction of key datacentre services
    • Next-Generation datacentre management including DCIM and DCOS deployments
    • Automation of datacentre workflow orchestration and Infrastructure Automation
    • Datacentre platforms designed to control and manage cloud platforms at an agnostic level

    The historic view where data-centric security has been inward facing with the focus on protecting data within the organisation’s domain, is now changing as data is moving away from the centre of the organisation with trends like Cloud and mobility solutions. Effective data-centric security protects data as it ‘moves’ and includes the management of relationships beyond the domain boundary, enabling secure interactions with customers and partners. Thus data and the need for security is spreading outward from the traditional data centre.

    The Inspire iprojects practice recognises this trend and offers additional security expertise and best practice around a number of connected areas that are of critical importance to today’s CIOs including:

    • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    • Consumer based file sharing
    • Data privacy
    • Cyber security
    • Authentication
  • Unified Communications

    Inspire has delivered a number of Unified Communications (UC) implementations and helped realise for clients the real business value and total cost of ownership (TCO) that these UC solutions can deliver.

    Our iprojects practice has a broad cross section of skill sets and knowledge to design, install and manage real converged UC solutions. This includes experience in working with IT servers, PCs, operating systems, combined with network hardware and performance management, through to various telephony, messaging, contact centre and collaborative applications.

    The practice also has a deep understanding of a number of key UC trends including:

    • Web real time collaboration (WRTC)
    • Mobility
    • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    • Hosted Cloud
    • Social integration
  • Transformation and Change Projects

    Inspire has an impressive track record working on large scale transformation projects, such as virtualised desktop delivery and datacentre consolidation/moves. Projects like these are a catalyst for change and provide our clients with an opportunity to gain a real business advantage in their specific field.

    A few examples would include:

    • Transforming two existing mobile companies enterprise datacentres after a merger into two new data centres for the release of the first 4G mobile service in the UK
    • The migration of three legacy datacentres for a secure HM Government department into two state of the art hybrid IT/Cloud datacentres in central London to enable hosted SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
    • The build-out of scalable datacentre infrastructure and networking for the UK Government’s Smart Meter initiative, against an aggressive on-going change programme

    Whether or not Inspire’s services are required for larger programmes of work or for small project assignments, our engagement encourages programme acceleration, and our agile deployment enables clients to scale up projects quickly with flexible skills utilisation.

    As a result of our flexible approach Inspire build lasting relationships with our clients. We help them to leverage an ever-changing technology portfolio, to repeatedly deliver successful outcomes and be agile and flexible enough to meet the next IT/business challenge as it presents itself.

    The technologies are far reaching across the entire infrastructure – including: desktop, server, network, storage, data management, middle ware and of course the application layer. Many typical projects are now being delivered using a DevOPS approach bringing together the developers [app layer] and the operations [infrastructure].

  • ITSM – ServiceNow

    Inspire have completed a number of ServiceNow implementations including start-up through to specific App development, since ServiceNow arrived on the scene.

    We have a strong network of ServiceNow professionals that we can call on to take a leadership role in any project or implementation, or at any stage. Many of our clients have bought into the basic deployment or quick start and then assume that taking it forward is easy…it’s not, and that’s why so many CRM type projects fail. We can help our clients achieve successful completion.

    Typical early stage deliverables from an Inspire ServiceNow engagement can include comprehensive process flow diagrams, process policies and activity descriptions. We can also define roles and responsibilities, performance and control metrics, and customer specific configuration requirements, leading to cross IT function improvement and alignment.

    We can also help clients design into their ServiceNow implementation value added processes for ‘single pane of glass’ visibility of IT systems and Infrastructure. We can assist clients to increase service availability by de-siloing the end-to-end services, and driving up operational agility through self-service and automation.

Our Capability

  • Technologies

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