Enterprise Architecture management and operational delivery

Project Summary

Enterprise Architecture troubleshoot and remediate, and enterprise level view of SAP/Oracle being delivered via Citrix.


Inspire were engaged to investigate the thin client application delivery in order to advise and/or design an efficient environment. We were also asked to review the reference architecture. 

Inspire deployed an EA who completed the review within a week. 

  • The Service


  • The Result

    Our EA made multiple service improvement suggestions, many of which have been adopted, and importantly discovered that the performance issues being experienced were, in fact, due to the configuration of the SAN. 

    Once resolved, end-user acceptance and satisfaction increased almost immediately, and confidence in the Capgemini VDI solution was restored. 

    Our consultants also produced an architectural maturity assessment designed to highlight areas of weakness and strength within the architectural delivery, allowing the identification of areas where additional resource may be required in the future 

  • Client’s Comments

    “Inspire sensitively reviewed the environment, and provided a definitive path to a quick resolution, restoring confidence in the solution.”