Urgent re-engineering of infrastructure and software to resolve crisis during a period of high demand

Project Summary

Urgent re-engineering of infrastructure and deployment of software fix to resolve crisis of non-processing of payments during high (Christmas) demand. 


The e-commerce website was experiencing technical issues which prevented online transactions from being processed and card payments could not be executed in the High Street during the busy Christmas shopping season. 

  • The Work

    The client named the issue as a Severity 1 problem, and had board level exposure. Inspire were engaged to take an objective view, report and rapidly resolve the incident. 

  • The Service


  • The Result

    Inspire supplied a small team of web experts and performed a deep dive review. Key issues were identified, and a go forward plan agreed with the T-Mobile/T-Systems team. 

    Two days were spent re-engineering infrastructure and deploying a software fix. This meant that the website performed to meet the demands of customer shopping over the Christmas period. 

    Within 72 hours, the Severity 1 incident was closed.